The author - Vladimir Goglidze was born in Tbilisi on March, 13, 1940 in the family of well-known Georgian chess player Victor Goglidze. He graduated from the mathematical department of the Tbilisi University. Since 1965 he works in the field of computer facilities and computer science. V. Goglidze completed postgraduate course at the Kiev institute of cybernetics. He won the title of the champion of the USSR in tennis as a member of the "Dynamo" team (1957). As well he is the champion of the USSR among juniors as a member of united teams of city of  Tbilisi and Dinamo (Tbilisi) (1956). V. Goglidze is multiple champion of Georgia in the pair category together with Givi Akhaladze. He was awarded with the title of deserved trainer of Georgia and the title of  honored figure of  physical culture and sports of Georgia. From 1982 till 1986 he is the trainer of national team of Georgia. From 1991 till 1996 V.Goglidze occupies the position of vice-president of Federation of tennis of Georgia. In 1994 he was the captain of a national team of Georgia on its debut in the competition of Davis Cup. He is the author of two books (in the Georgian language): "Tennis"  (2002) and "Bases of tennis " (2004) and of two sits "Tennis in Georgia"(2005) and "The World of Tennis"(2006) . The wife - Didebulidze Inna is the expert on German philology. The son - Victor Goglidze is the expert on deducing and preparation Horses of thoroughbred breed. The sister - Marina Goglidze - Mdivani is the outstanding pianist of  XX century. Now she is the professor of university McGill in Canada. (Tennis in Georgia) (The World of Tennis)  e-mail -


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